Are You Fighting?

I know I have been away for quite a while now. School resumed back up so I am greatly pressed for time but I am glad to be writing again.

So it was a really long week, and weekend as well. I had a human anatomy lab test and cell biology exam during the week. The following week, I had exams in human anatomy and organic chemistry along with a bunch of other assignments.

Well for sometime now, I have been having some Christian music going in the background while studying and it never bothers me. So at night last Sunday, I went on YouTube and put on a Kim Walker-Smith playlist that I assumed was just music. Little did I know that I was has set myself up for something major!

About an hour into the playlist, it turned out that the next video was Kim preaching, not singing, so I couldn’t concentrate on the paper I was trying to write. I thought of fast forwarding to the next song but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I attempted to keep writing my paper but it didn’t quite work out. So I stopped writing and her words which were clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit keep hitting me in every direction and sucking me in. I ended up watching a 45-minute sermon and at the end of it I was bawling without restraint.

Kim talked about so many things and one of  things that got to me was fighting for our relationship with God. So many things take place in our daily lives that fight for our attention. For me, it’s all the school work I have to get done, all the activities that I am in charge of as regards to the student organizations that I’m in and a bunch of other things.

They are fighting for my attention and in the midst of all of these, I unconsciously relegate my relationship with God to the background. I realized during her message that I wasn’t fighting hard enough and it got me super convicted. Her sermon inspired me to fight like crazy – like never before – for my relationship with God, so I can nurture it and grow in Him.

Here’s a link to the video if you are interested in listening to her message.

Now I pose a question to you: are you fighting for your relationship with God in the midst of all that threatens to distract you from it? If yes, I am proud of you. If like me, you are not fighting as hard as you possibly could, gear up and fight like crazy because in the end, it’s our relationship with Him that’s the most important…nothing else.

Remain Blessed.

With Love from Smithia!


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