Scared to Listen?

I know how weird and possibly funny this sounds – to be scared to listen but it was a reality in my  life until recently. I had been asking God to speak to me for a very long while but I never really heard anything. One day at work I suddenly realized that I had been asking God to speak to me but I had never taken time out to listen. It made me realize how often we ask God to speak to us but never really situate ourselves to listen.

At that moment, I remembered some teachings I had heard in high school about the importance of a having a “Quiet Time”. You would think that remembering about having quiet times with God would have been the end of me not hearing God but that was hardly the case.

The first couple of times I tried to have one, I failed because I was scared to listen. What if God remained quiet and didn’t say anything? What if I think it’s God speaking to me when it’s really just my mind trying to fill up the quietness that I was so not used to? What if God said something that I didn’t entirely agree with? There were so many questions that ran through my mind each time I considered having a quiet time.

Sometimes I would sit quietly, determined to remain quiet until God said something to me but after three seconds of complete silence both physically and mentally, I would start speaking in tongues because I just couldn’t deal with the silence. Deep down, I knew that it wasn’t the moment to speak in tongues but I didn’t know what else to do.

I have been able to overcome my fear as to what would happen if I actually took time to listen. With time, I have been able to get quiet and have actually heard God speak. There are still times when I feel the silence is becoming unbearably long but I know God is teaching me to be patient and He eventually speaks. A lot of us complain about not being able to hear from God but God is always speaking; the real problem is that we are often not listening.

So are you scared to listen like I was? Just take a step of faith and you’ll find it’s not as scary as it seems. Are you facing some other challenge when it comes to hearing from God? I hope you overcome it soon. I am currently reading an awesome book by Joyce Meyers titled “How to Hear from God”. It covers all that there is to hearing from God and I am learning tons of things. Whatever it is that is hindering you from hearing from God, deal with it fast because hearing from God is important for a successful Christian life.

Remain Blessed.

With love from Smithia!


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