Proactive Christianity

I am mid-air on my way to France trying to get some sleep but that isn’t quite working out. My mind keeps going over the events of the weekend and a question that I had been asked over the weekend came to the forefront of my mind.

I and a couple of other people were having lunch with a visiting minister this past Sunday. There were about four youths around the table and this minister went around asking each of us if we were proactive or reactive Christians. I was the last of the four to be asked and my response just like the others was “reactive”.

What does it mean to be proactive in the things of God? It has to do with spending time in God’s presence and having an intimate relationship with Him on a day-to-day basis. Not a relationship that peaks when things around us are tough and dips when things around us are great; but rather a relationship that stays strong and becomes increasingly stronger despite things around us.

We often times come running to God with a broken and a contrite heart when we have a request but once things get better, we slowly stray away from the relationship that developed during the trial. That right there is being reactive.

We however need to work on being proactive Christians – developing a strong relationship with God so that when the winds of trials come, we are not blown away. At such times, we would have a strong relationship upon which to stand and faith and trust in God to see us through the trial.

In the book of Acts, after James was killed, the church began to pray lest Peter be killed as well. Maybe if the church had been proactive in their prayer, James would not have been killed (Acts 12). So we see that we need to begin pray before the storm, not during the storm lest we experience loss.

I am still more of a reactive Christian but I am working hard at being proactive. Being proactive may be tough at first. When thinking of praying for instance, you might wonder: what do I pray to God about if I have nothing to ask of Him? We need to remember that prayer doesn’t always involving asking and you don’t always have to be the one doing the talking when communing with God.

Communing with God keeps us in tune with His Spirit and I must say that that is an awesome feeling. So don’t look to the situations of your life for reasons to commune with God, just do it and you will be glad you did.

Are you proactive or reactive? If your answer was the later, work on being proactive today!

Remain blessed.


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