Trusting Him to Have the Answers

The most awesome thing happened today. Prophet Kevin Leal had just spoken to us on the importance of being converted Christians – not just church-going Christians.  The gentleman who was driving me to the Twin Cities was the first person I was alone with after this message of conviction and it seemed to me like a great opportunity to use and share what I had learned.

I have a hard time bringing up a conversation about Christ with anyone, not because I am ashamed of the Gospel but because I don’t know where the conversion will lead and I worry that the person might have questions that I don’t have answers to.

Anyways, the journey began and a few minutes into it, I got this stirring within – mostly from the message that Prophet Leal had shared – to talk to this man about Christ. And then I got cold feet; a lot of questions were running through my mind. What if this man is a radical atheist and just bombards me with questions I have yet to find answers to myself? What if he just doesn’t want to talk about Christ due to bitter experiences from the past with the “Christ” and church that he knew then? What if he didn’t believe in Christ? What would I tell him? I could tell him that Christ loves him but what next after that? What if he does accept Christ, who would do the follow ups? How could I be sure that he would attend a Bible believing church?

And then my mind wandered to a different question: what if he is a Christian? Immediately I asked this question, I heard very clearly within my spirit: he is Lutheran. For a moment, I thought about dismissing it thinking it was just my mind trying to mess with me but I couldn’t dismiss it  because of how clear it had been. In that moment, I summoned up the courage and I broached the Subject. A few moments later, I heard him say he attended church in his hometown and was Lutheran. I was amazed beyond words and right there at the back I was smiling sheepishly upon realizing that it was God that had actually spoken – not my mind messing with me.

Looking back, I wish I had acted with more faith – believing that it was indeed God that had spoken. Our conversation about religion, church and Christ did not end in him breaking down and crying or anything of that sort; it tapered off after a while. I strongly believe that our conversation was meant more for me to learn than anything else. I understand that God is trying to get me to trust Him more and to believe that I can hear Him speak to me. I have been meditating on this experience all day long; wondering about all that God wants me to learn about Him.

Sitting here, writing this, I heard clearly again, I am training you to “trust Me to have answers” – answers to all the questions that could possibly come to mind when thinking of witnessing to an individual about Christ. I had all these “what-ifs” running through my mind and God was there to provide the answer that I needed. From now on, I’m gonna keep my list of “what-ifs” aside, embrace each experience as it comes and trust Him to provide me with answers to any questions that might come up. Not having the answers before the questions come will only put a demand on me rely on God for answers and having to rely on God is a super exciting experience.

Remain blessed.

With love, from Smithia


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