Worship Like Never Before

So I had a somewhat rough week with exams, and a bunch of other things. I decided that Friday was my “Me Day” and I was just going to chill out so I stayed up late on Thursday night. I spent most of my night on YouTube and was just browsing through videos.

I came across some videos in which kids (some of whom were not even teenagers) were getting filled with the Holy Spirit and getting baptized with fire. Seeing these kids gave me so much joy because it reminded me that God is not a respecter of age – all He needs from us is an open spirit that is eager to receive.


I intended to go to bed at one so I had closed down everything else on my laptop and was watching my last video. The song playing in the background was One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture. This song which I have heard many times got to me and I just went crazy.

I literally couldn’t stop dancing and worshiping for quite a while. The whole time, something was going on in my spirit that I still can’t quite explain.  It was almost like there was I was overwhelmed with joy in my spirit that wouldn’t let me stay still. I wanted to pour out my love on God but all that kept coming out of my mouth was groaning.

I have been considering joining the worship team at my church but so many red flags came up in my head. For one, my voice isn’t the greatest and I don’t play any instruments. In this moment of worship, I felt like God was letting me know that the red flags didn’t really matter; what matters is the heart behind the worship.

The scripture in John 4:24 that says “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (KJV)  was ringing in my head the whole time. For me, what this means is that it’s not human standards that count but God’s perception of your heart as you worship.

I was overwhelmed with God’s presence when I could finally stay still because I have never experienced anything quite like this before. I think God sometimes makes His presence and desires known to us in unusual ways and I am excited for more of such moments. I am still considering the “worship team” matter prayerfully and will keep you posted.

I guess the question I am posing to you today is: Do you worship God in spirit and in truth? If not, align yourself to that dimension of worship today.

Remain Blessed.

With love from Smithia


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