What’s Your One-Minute Witness?

Hello again lovelies! Nice to have you back here again reading 🙂 . I’m gonna write about something that’s been brewing for quite a while and I think I’m done processing it… for now. Since late August, my pastor has been talking about a “one-minute witness” and for the longest time I had no clue what he was talking about. My ignorance was however not pressing enough to make me ask about it.

Two months ago (early November), I came to an understanding of what it meant and below I share this knowledge with you. A one-minute witness aims to sow a seed of the Gospel in a short amount of time. There are five parts to it:

1. Permission: You ask the individual you’re speaking with if they are okay with you sharing the greatest thing that’s happened in your life. A good way to kick-start this conversation is by asking them the greatest thing that has happened in their life first and then sharing yours afterwards.

 2. Before Christ: You simply say what the situation was like before you encountered Christ. 

3. Turning Point: You  state at what point you encountered Jesus and how you became open to hearing about Him and/or what He had to say about that situation

4. Anno Domini: The fun part!You talk about the positive change Christ has made in your life and the benefits of coming to know Him

5. “If I had not met Christ…”: You wrap up with what your life would have been like if you had never met Christ and thank the individual for listening.

An important thing to note about this witness is that the immediate goal is not to win them to Christ but to plant a seed of your testimony; the power of your story is simply sharing your heart.

Back to my story :)… So its early November and I’m excited because I now know what a one-minute witness is and I am ready to write mine down but I find that I am stumped. I am utterly stumped but not for lack testimonies of God’s awesomeness in my life. All I could think to myself was that I was too young to have a testimony that would stir someone’s heart. I thought about how potential listeners would think of my testimony as petty if not insignificant  and so I didn’t write anything down.

Fast-forward to last night. I was listening to Nathan Morris on YouTube (my new favorite hangout spot 😉 and he was talking about how people often rank miracles. He then said that it wasn’t our place to rank miracles because the miracle is not how much or how little God does but the fact that He does it. Listening to that poked my spirit since I had put off writing my witness for so long because I had spent all my time ranking God’s miracles in my life with a critical eye.

Between last night and today, I have had some time to mull over Nathan’s words and think about it, everything God has done for me has been a big deal to me. I have decided on a testimony which signified a major shift in my life and it doesn’t matter to me if anyone else thinks it petty. I now have my witness put together so my question for you today is: “What is your one-minute witness?” Take some time to mull over it and I hope that you don’t have as much of a struggle as I did putting yours together 🙂

Remain Blessed.

With love from Smithia


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