I am so overwhelmed right now… in a good way. The last session of the International House of Prayer One Thing young adult conference for Sunday the 29th ended about an hour ago and to say the least, it was amazing! I was so overwhelmed that I almost microwaved a bowl of dry cereal instead of my cup of cold milk…haha. I hope to recover in time for today’s session, I am ready to have my mind blown and my spirit edified! Also, I am still trying to comprehend the fact that I just watched Jesus Culture live!

Banning Liebscher took it away in the morning, followed by Mike Bickle in the afternoon and Allen Hood simply killed it in the 7 pm session. Banning emphasized God’s desire for fruits that will remain – longevity. Mike talked about every believers’ greatest calling: To love God. To end the day, Allen dropped sexual purity bombs all over the place and emphasized its necessity in order for us to reach and preach to the nations of the earth. Some of these sound way up in the air, and I realize that. I still need time to sort out all the information that was thrown at me today by these amazing men of God.  I will put my thoughts together, compile them nicely and share them with you all. I will also post links to the worship sessions and teaching sessions asap.

Also, the conference is not over yet! There’s still today, Monday 30th and tomorrow, Tuesday 31st. You can watch the live stream online at http://www.ihopkc.org/onething/ .

Remain blessed.

With love from Smithia


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