Waiting …is not passive

It’s spring break right now and I am so thankful for some time off school. It’s been a little over two months since I last posted – my bad. Just when I think school can’t get any busier, it does and thus, I find myself pressed for time. Anyways, I recently went through a period of waiting and learned that waiting is not a passive process. So, I thought to share – here goes.

I was trying to figure out things for myself regarding summer plan, and I made plan after plan. Each time I got started with new plan, there would be a nudging in me to wait on Him and ask exactly what He wanted me to do and where He wanted me to go. I would always ignore this nudging, forge ahead in my plans and then ask for His blessing so it could work out – haha, typical Tinu move. And time after time, I would come up disappointed. After two months of disappointments, I stopped making plans and decided to wait on Him for the next move.

A couple of weeks into waiting, I was listening to Shekinah Glory by Cory Asbury and in between, I heard Mike Bickle say, “Waiting is not passive, it’s active.” It was then I realized that I had been waiting but I had been doing it passively. I had not really taken time to press in to God and get an impression of what exactly He wanted me to do. Following this realization, I began to wait actively, and a few days later everything was everything miraculously worked out. The options that I had previously ignored became the plan and God totally used it to open bigger doors for me.

All I did was wait actively and in a heartbeat, I was set to go without any form of disappointment on the horizon. Long story short, we shouldn’t say we are waiting on God and then sit around, hoping that everything will workout magically. It is important that when we wait on Him, we press into Him with confidence that He would make an impression on us. Question for you: Have you been waiting passively?


3 thoughts on “Waiting …is not passive

  1. Tinu. Dearest, darlingest Tinu. I cannot thank you enough.

    For the past thirty minutes I have been actively searching through the courses offered next semester, jotting down the interesting ones and hoping that my future minor will scream out at me through the listed names.

    With each prospective minor I looked into, however, all of the courses fell flat. Don’t get me wrong– I know that the field of study is in there, but none of them were speaking to me the way they ought to have been. And, over and over again, I found myself wishing that I could instantly have my life settled through my own means, and for satisfaction to follow.

    I knew, though, that this wasn’t the way God wanted me to do it. Of all the potential classes written down, only one of them seems sure to me– and that’s because of a nudge I got at the end of last semester, paired with a prophecy at the beginning of the semester. I was beginning to feel like I ought to just not think about the situation until the day of registration– but then, I checked Facebook. And this post was at the very top of my newsfeed. And the line, “It is important that when we wait on Him, we press into Him with confidence” stuck out to me.

    It’s not about waiting on time, it’s about waiting on the King. It’s about being His servant, listening to His loving decrees, trusting that the One who made you and me and everyone who has read this post, and everyone who has breathed life on this planet, that this God of ours will guide us on our way.

    Crazily enough, I believe I now know another class I’m supposed to take. Which means I’ll have a very, very thoughtful semester ahead of me. But whether or not either of these come to fruition waits entirely on our God, and I’m willing to trust in His ways.

    1. Oh Gabi! I am so proud of you for choosing to trust. It takes a lot of patience and self-control to get to that place where you’re willing to wait on Him. I am glad that you know that He has great plans for you and I trust that He will direct you every step of the way! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to have you back, it’s been too long.

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