Basking in His Presence

Hello my faithful readers! It’s been a while (as usual, lol) and I’m super excited to be writing again. As time goes on, I’ll be filling you in on where I’ve been and all I’ve been doing for the past months. Today, I’m going to write about something that has been on my heart for a couple of days – basking in His presence.

A few days ago, after worshiping, I felt unfulfilled in a way that I can’t quite describe. It was almost as though I stopped worshiping on the brink of a breakthrough. It was quite an unsettling feeling and in the midst of that, the word basking, come into my mind by means of inspired thought.

Basking. I get a weird visual when I think of this word: a lizard lying still in the sun soaking in all the warmth that the sunlight brings. It might sound funny but it encompasses the entire meaning of the word for me. Basking refers to enjoying or making the most of something pleasing.

In that moment, I could feel God’s desire for me to learn to just relax in His presence. Sometimes, I set out a specific time for worshiping or praying and have this idea that I need to stop once that time frame is over. It seems like I’m in a haste to leave His presence and move on to the next thing on my agenda.

I am learning that there are times when He just wants me to revel in His presence and wait on Him. God is always doing a work in us when we are in His presence so I am learning to press in both in prayer and worship until I feel a breakthrough, a sense of victory.

Well here it is, one of the many things God is teaching me in this season of my life. So maybe you’re like me, and you’re sometimes in a haste to move on. It’s time to learn to bask in His presence. I am so looking forward to enjoying the warmth of His presence and having my heart wrecked by His love over and over again.

Remain blessed!

With love from Smithia.


4 thoughts on “Basking in His Presence

  1. So true Sis, basking in his presence comes with rewards, discoveries, unveiling of secrets, and spiritual upliftments that multitasking basking; Reading a book and listening to a gospel message at the same time cannot give us.

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