Finding My Way

Hello there! My summer break is gradually coming to an end (education calls) and I’m sure my blogging will become erratic again :(. Anyways, I’m just going to enjoy these last moments and try to get pumped for school. As you’ve probably noticed, the name of my blog has changed, for the third time. At first it was Diary of Growing Christian; it was an accurate description but I felt that was too long a name. Then it was As The Sun Shines and I honestly don’t know how I came up with that, lol. Now it’s Finding My Camino  and I think this name is here to stay. “Camino” is Spanish for “way” so the name literally means “finding my way.”

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just name it Finding My Way. I think the word “camino” has a nice ring to it, plus it might spark some curiosity :). This name is actually a perfect description of where I’m at. All I’m doing is finding my way; my way as a daughter of the Most High God and my parents, a sister, a student and a friend. Much like everyone else in the world, I find myself trying to be the best I can be in the various roles I play. Of course I make mistakes – I’m not perfect. I am not always the best Christian, daughter or student but the important thing is that I try to be better.

I’m so thankful for the friends and family I have been blessed with, and for everyone who has helped me in finding my way all these years. The journey continues for me and I must press forward. Wishing you all the best in your journey. Cheers to finding our ways through life!

Stay blessed and smile today!

With love from Smithia

The journey continues... (1)




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