Festering in The Silence

Glass shards
Not quietly formed
Your glass of Merlot drops
A collision with solid matter bringing its fall to an abrupt end.
Clink. Clank. Shatter.
Suddenly all you see are pieces
Some bigger than others
You see the larger pieces are unproblematic
But the little ones
The little ones you should be afraid of
You don’t see them all
Yet you try to clear them up
But unfortunately you miss some
The remnant hit without warning
Cutting deep into your skin
And establishing a home
In the layers of your derms
Oblivious to you
And festering in silence
Until you take a step
And then it stings
Causing you cry out in anguish
Under the false impression
That your pain only just begun
Whereas it began with the moment
You convinced yourself you got all the shards
The shattering was your warning
Unbeknownst to you however
It is simply too late when you realize
That you were apprised of the pain to come
Your warning was festering in the silence
Just like shard in your skin
And now you’ve learned an unplanned lesson
To never mistake silence for wellbeing

This is poem 1 of 3 in the Silence Series. Link to YouTube video of poem: https://youtu.be/ZaQ4dOnPuXk
With love from Smithia


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