What’s in the Silence?

My lips are moving
I am speaking words
I know you can hear me
But you can’t hear it
You are waiting
Waiting earnestly for words
That are indicative of my pain
You are waiting for my screams
And for my wailing and my weeping
But you don’t hear it
And you wonder why
I’ll tell you why
You are listening wrong
You are listening for what you hear
But what do you not hear?
What is in the silence?
What is in the words that are left unspoken?
She says my pain is in my smile
He says it’s in my tone
I say it’s in the silence
Trapped in the great abyss
That is unspoken words
And in that abyss it will remain
So when you search my countenance
Do not look for words, smiles or tonal changes
Simply listen for what is in the silence


This is poem 3 of 3 in the Silence Series.


With love from Smithia


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