Learning Again

Again alone
Clearly, to loneliness she is prone
Feels surreal
But it is so very real
Somewhere close to Fargo
Three score weeks ago
She really thought she had beat it
Knocked it out with one final hit
Alas, she was wrong
And the universe must have been playing along
For how can one be surrounded
By no less than a hundred
And still feel like a snowflake
All alone in a lake?

Well, the time for mourning is over
Pining was merely a layover
Now she is back on feet
She will not accept defeat
She will learn again
How to keep herself sane
She will learn to be the foremost lover of she
And to make her own cups of tea
To pick herself up when she falls
And to respond when she calls
To stand alone in the midst of the storm
And to her plight conform
To dry her tears when her eyes cry
Because once bitten, twice shy


With love from Smithia


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