Very Present

There are those days when we find ourselves simply overwhelmed by the weight of the challenges we are facing; the days when it feels like we might in fact get crushed by all that is pressing down on us. On those days we might become so weary that we begin to question God’s presence in our situation because we certainly do not see Him and we do not feel or hear Him either. I have had days like that and I reckon you have too.

Today, I received a word powerful word to hold on to on days as described above: Psalm 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, a VERY PRESENT help in trouble (emphasis mine). I am no theologian but I am certain that the presence of “very” in that statement is to emphasize the realness and intensity of God’s presence in our times of trouble. He is not somewhat present or slightly present. He is very present, period.

These words blew a soothing breeze over my soul tonight. Regardless of whether I can feel, see or hear God in my troubles, I have the confidence that He is very present in the midst of it. He is present as my strength and He is present as my refuge. He is not distant. He is not unfeeling. He is not unkind. He is very present and as long as He is, I am going to have the last laugh over the devil.

I do not know where you’re at today. I certainly do no know what kind of day you’re having but if you are feeling that God seems distant in your troubles, be reminded that regardless of what you feel, He is very present and rest confidently in that Word. He is present in your situation and exacting changes of a divine order that will produce for you astonishing testimonies.


Smithia, Daughter of the very present King.



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