Beginning of The Middle

Bachelor’s = The Beginning | Medical School = The Middle | Residency = The End
In The Beginning I drenched your shoulders with my tears and chewed your ears off with my fears. Yet you were unrelenting and you ravished my heart with your love. And when I ran from you, you ran after me, overtook me with your kindness and wrapped me in a warm embrace. Ravisher of my heart and lavisher of love. Raiser of standards and organizer of my shards. Lifter of my head and gifter of peace. Reliable Lord and Waymaker God.

As I make my way into The Middle, I know you’ll only love me harder and hold me tighter. You will be El-Elohe Tinu and my Jehovah Jireh. When I walk through the fire and walk through the storm, you will be there with me every single step of the way. You will teach me to trust you without borders even as I walk into the great unknown where flesh may fail. I love you, ever so deeply, lover of my soul.

Yours eternally,


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