Let The Words Die

Hello Friends!

Believe you me, I’ve missed you as much as you’ve missed me. Anyways, I’ve been stewing on this poem for several weeks and I’m super stoked to have recited a finished version tonight at an Open Mic event. I’m excited to share it with you all and I hope you enjoy it. It’s a long somber one so get the popcorn. Or Kleenex (JK!).

Eyes dark with anguish
And weary from weeping
I pulled you into my world
What a blatant error in judgment!
When I brought you into my pain
I was not asking you to fix it
Or trivialize it with good intentions
I was certainly not asking
For you to undermine me
While you put me on trial
And forced me to validate
The very source of my pain

I was asking you to be sad with me
To burden-bear with me
To attempt to comprehend
The complexity of my brokenness
To free me from the chains 
Of desolate sadness
To feel my heartwrenching,
And literally breathtaking despair
I was asking you to maybe
Pretend to understand my agony
But even pretense you could not do

So forgive for not believing
That a problem shared
Is a problem half solved
Because you for one
Have taught me that
Sharing can sometimes
Leave one feeling more alone
And more misunderstood
Than they did before sharing

So I no longer subscribe
To the mindset that requires me
To share my sorrows with you
Or anyone else for that matter
And so even on my darkest days
When I am overcome with fear
That I might combust from the weight
Of all that beleaguers me
I still don’t share
Instead, I remind myself
To let the word die
Before they form




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