Welcome! I am so pleased you stopped by. My first name is Oluwatomisin – you’re probably thinking that’s a mouthful but it’s pronounced exactly as it is written. It means “God is enough for me to worship”. I like to go by Mika Smithia on the interwebs but I have no explanation for that 🙂

I am crazy in love with God and I am passionate about seeing His kingdom expand here on earth. I am certain that God is real and blogging about my walk with God keeps me from forgetting pivotal moments and gives me an opportunity to share my experiences with others.

Poetry has intermittently been my thing but as I have gotten older, poetry has become a place of reflection for me so I have been writing more frequently. I hope that you connect with my poems on some level and that they inspire your thoughts in a positive manner. For more frequent poetry feeds, follow me on Instagram @misstinu.

Lastly, I’ve been interested in photography for the past two years and I finally invested in some gear. I will be posting a few photos from my various sessions here and I hope you enjoying viewing the images as much as I enjoy capturing them. For more frequent photo feeds, follow my official photography page on Instagram @mikasmithia.

Smile today and remain blessed :)

Mika Smithia.


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